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Friday, 22 March 2013

Student Stuck with Personal Statement

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Thursday, 14 March 2013

Narrative Free Essay Help from Professional Writers

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Friday, 8 March 2013

Finding Case Study Help - Custom writing services

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Saturday, 28 July 2012

Essay Writing Tips

Writing an essay is something like building a house. You probably have all your ideas but no order to them. This is something like having your tools and building supplies but no blueprint of your house. In both cases, if you begin without a plan, you are liable to create something that is disordered. Your house will have a triangular living room, and your paper will leap from one topic to another without any sense of direction. This article gives you some basic essay writing tips to get you started.

This is where an outline comes in handy. The purpose of an outline is to order your ideas so that your paper has a meaningful and logical structure. There are many choices to make when outlining, just as there are many different ways to outline the same topic. As you will see, it is a worthwhile task, for once you have your ideas in order, and you can focus on the writing of the essay without worrying about the structure. It is just like the builder who looks at his or her blueprints and then begins to build. 

Look at the sample outline. You will be using this model for your five-paragraph essay. Let us take one building block at a time.

Write down your topic in one concise statement or question. Here it appears as "health food for kids". If it helps, write it as a question: "What are some health foods for kids?"

The introduction functions as the first paragraph of your essay. In the outline, there is no need to develop either the introduction or the conclusion. They are meant as markers for the structure. However, you may want to add your "hooks" to your outline. 

Main idea: 
There are three main ideas on the outline. These represent the body of the essay, which means everything except the introduction and conclusion. The main ideas are the building blocks or centerpieces of your paper. You will need to study your mind map to divide the paper into three logical parts. Each main idea must support your topic. The main ideas should be more specific than the topic but general enough to merit development. 

For each of the main ideas, you add three details. Notice how the details support and develop the main idea. This is where your brainstorming and research come in handy. 

Conclusion: Like the introduction in the outline, the conclusion is meant as a marker.

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